Yes Concrete Sealing is one of those jobs we all like to put off. The weather has to be right, then the concrete must be pressure cleaned, then left to dry, the beer fridge must be full, you have convinced the better half you will get it done, and only then are you ready to seal.

The sealing process itself is the easy bit, just a few hours to roll on a coat of concrete sealer and you can let out that sigh of relief for another few good years.

So why is Concrete Sealer important?

That investment we made years ago is one of the first things that someone sees when they arrive at your home. Your driveway!

It could be stencil concrete, stamped concrete, pavers, plain or coloured concrete, and that first impression could be your first topic of conversation.

The colour is wearing, it looks faded, why has it gone white, gee you are getting a bit slack and even more importantly that this very topic of conversation has just earned you the scorn of your wife…why haven’t you done that yet!

Concrete Sealer protects your investment from wear and tear, makes it easy to clean, renews the colour and gives it that wet look. Done right it leaves a great impression with visitors and neighbours and especially home buyers if you are trying to sell your property.

We all mow, we all weed, we all paint, but it is that big piece of the complete maintenance puzzle that can spoil all our other good work. So go on! Seal!

At the very least your minister for war and finances can cross this item off her reminder portfolio.

So I don’t think it is really a question of importance but a question of how soon can I schedule in sealing my concrete.