Oxide Add Mix

Another technique to colour your concrete is to use Oxide Add-Mix. This is the addition of a coloured pigment directly into the concrete before it is poured. This is usually mixed in the concrete truck while being loaded at the plant giving the colour mixing time while being delivered. You can also use Oxide Add-Mix in your own mixer at home if you are making your own small batches of concrete.

 The major benefit of using Oxide Add-Mix is that the colour is mixed throughout the entire concrete slab which eliminates colour loss even as you wear down the concrete or if chipping or damage occurs.

NOTE: It is still important to seal your coloured concrete to reduce the wear directly to your surface and to prevent staining. 

Oxide Add-Mix can also be used with the stencil or stamped concrete processes to create even more unique colouring options.

Why have plain concrete when you can have value adding decorative concrete!