Brighten Your Life with our Concrete Stencil Patterns

Stencil Concrete is the application of stencil patterns and colour hardener into the surface of fresh poured concrete. This produces a hard wearing decorative concrete surface with colour and texture resembling paving or natural stone finishes.As with all decorative concrete it is finished off with the hard wearing protection of Concrete Sealer.  This will extend the life of your decorative concrete surface and make maintenance and cleaning less frequent and a lot easier.

We utilise the most unique and high-quality stencils in Australia for creating a durable stencil concrete pattern with a natural look.

Colour Hardener can also be used without stencils’ pattern to provide a simple natural coloured area.

Sydney Decorative Concretors Warehouse has maintained a fresh and vibrant colour range keeping in line with modern trends as well as having a range of more traditional colours.

Our range of colours will brighten up any area and allow you to compliment other colours around your home in Australia, including roof tiles, brickwork or even your garden.

Our extensive range of stencil patterns will suit all areas, from traditional cobble styles to natural bush rock through to stylish tiles.

Why have plain concrete when you can have value adding decorative concrete!