Sealing Cautions

Sometimes sealing can go wrong but if you avoid the following you will go a long way to staying out of trouble.

Make sure:-

1) The surface you are about to seal is completely free of dirt and moisture.

2) Apply one thin coat of concrete sealer by paint roller or solvent resistant broom. If surface has never been sealed before you may require a second coat. Allow 24 hours before applying a second thin coat of concrete sealer

3) Avoid applying concrete sealer onto a hot concrete surface. As a basic guide if concrete is warm to touch do not seal.

4) Resealing is recommended when your  stencil concrete, spray on concrete resurfacing or any of your decorative concrete is looking faded, dull, patchy or worn (these are indicators that sealer is wearing down). By waiting until your concrete Sealer begins to wear, you will avoid the problems that you can get as a result of sealing too often or applying too many coats of concrete Sealer

We recommend a coat of Concrete Sealer is only applied every 2-3 years.