Concrete Sealer Types

xConcrete Sealer Types - Hi GlossHi Gloss Sealer

Sydney Decorative Concretors Warehouse Hi Gloss Sealer can be used for sealing concrete surfaces, whether it has been decorated in Stencil, Stamp impression, Pebblecrete finish or just in plain form.

Hi Gloss Sealer offers a hard cleanable coating to plain or coloured concrete surfaces, where the surface is subject to light vehicle or heavy pedestrian traffic


xConcrete Sealer Types - Ultra ShineUltra Shine Sealer

Sydney Decorative Concretors Warehouse Ultra Shine Sealer provides an ultra shine for decorative concrete surfaces (usually only suitable for porous surfaces such as Spray On Resurfacing). This Sealer is high in solids which gives maximum hardness for wear and tear

Ultra Shine Sealer offers a hard cleanable and extra shiny coating on coloured concrete surfaces.

xConcrete Sealer Types - Same DaySame Day Sealer

Sydney Decorative Concretors Warehouse Same Day Sealer has been specifically formulated to allow moisture release from curing concrete.

Same Day Sealer can be applied on fresh concrete the same day or the day after being poured.

This gives a protective coat while still allowing the concrete to cure without sending the sealer white. (Whitening can occur due to moisture being trapped under a solid coat of sealer which is not formulated to allow moisture release).

Trade Sealer

Sydney Decorative Concretors Warehouse Trade Sealer is ideal as a first coat application to provide maximum penetration into concrete pores stopping efflorescence and dusting. Trade Sealer is shiny and can be used for reseals, and is suitable for pebblecrete and exposed aggregate type finishes.


Anti-dust is a water based sealant that can eliminate powdering and dusting concrete. Concrete can become powdery or dusty usually due to excess water in the concrete mix or when concrete has been affected by rain.

Anti-dust when applied to your concrete surface reacts with the free lime present forming the product calcium silicate, a very hard wearing substance, to ultimately re-harden the surface of the concrete.

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