Best Quality Decorative Concrete Sealers

Concrete Sealer is a very important part of any decorative concrete job and for the protection of many other surface types.We are the most trusted concrete sealer supplier in Australia.

Concrete Sealer is the protective layer which reduces the direct wear on your surfaces.The benefits of which are far greater than just giving your surface a longer life span, and can include giving your surface a fresh, brighter, and revitalised finish and making surfaces easier to clean and maintain. 

Sydney Decorative Concretors Warehouse Concrete Sealer are not just to protect and revitalise your existing decorative concrete but have been developed to seal a wide range of surfaces and to achieve a variety of finishes.

Concrete sealers can be water or solvent-based. A solvent-resistant pump-up concrete sealer sprayer can be used for application of solvent based sealers. Such a sprayer is fitted with Viton seals and gaskets and tips for rubber, brass or Teflon.

The reviews about Decorative Concrete Sealer say that it adds a high gloss sheen to the surface. Stamped concrete sealers enrich the colors and the intensity of the patterns. In most of the reviews it reflects that stamped concrete sealers create an easy to clean and easy to maintain surface


We have Sealers that can be used for:


Tinted Sealer / Coloured Sealer. Our very popular range of Tinted Sealer / Coloured Sealer can be used to colour or to change the colour of your existing concrete areas.


Anti-dust. This helps stop the powdery/dusty aspect of plain concrete by re-hardening damaged and weak concrete surfaces.


Natural Stones / Sandstone / Porous Tiles


Can be used as a moisture suppressant

We provide a complete solution for all types of decorative concrete sealer problems.