Spray On Concrete Resurfacing remains a popular and quality innovation to the concrete industry.

Why? Simply because it is such a versatile and strong product that has held its own in the concrete renovation and repair market for over 20 years.

Spray on Concrete ResurfacingTraditionally Spray On Concrete Resurfacing was used hand in hand with stencil patterns, creating many decorative concrete feature areas including patios, driveways, entry areas and verandahs for both home and business. More recently customers are not only using stencil designs, but creating more unique patterns with stencil tapes, mixtures of colours, borders as well as custom features.

The latest trend is the ‘fleck’ finish. This is where an applicator applies several colours as ‘flecks’ over a solid base colour. This modern look suits both new and older homes.

Spray On Concrete Resurfacing, when applied by a professional applicator, is a permanent, slip- resistant coating at least twice as hard as concrete.

Maybe you are changing an existing colour or pattern or want to create a new Stencil Concretedecorative concrete feature. As a renovation technique Spray On Concrete Resurfacing is a very cost-effective product compared to re-concreting or applying tiles

When completed, Spray On Concrete Resurfacing will not just look good but will add value to your property, turning your renovation into an investment.

As the final step in the Spray On Concrete Resurfacing process (as it should be in all decorative concrete applications) Concrete Sealer is applied.

This of course protects your surface, extending the life of your finished decorative concrete area. Concrete sealer, being a protective coating, also helps you sit back and enjoy your decorative concrete as it will ultimately stop dirt and grime penetrating into the surface pores, making cleaning less frequent and a lot easier.

When it comes to answering any questions about the value of Spray On Concrete Resurfacing it certainly helps being the manufacturer as we not only pride ourselves on our own export quality product, but we have the experience and knowledge to back up the proven superior performance over the past 20 years.

Spray On Concrete Resurfacing is a cost effective, value-adding and unique option for your plain, old and faded coloured concrete or areas that are just in need of repair. Whatever your reason for choosing Spray On Concrete Resurfacing, you will be left to enjoy and stay proud of your creation for many years to come.